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  1. Almost 1/3rd of the world's malnourished children are in India.
  2. Nearly 40% of Indian children are undernourished.
  3. Close to 9.2 Lakh children in India are severely malnourished
  4. Less than 10% receive an adequate diet.
Most of the children that need help are spread out in small clusters across hard to reach remote locations. The problem is made even more complex by Covid-19 restrictions, which has further reduced their access to health and nutrition services.

It's time to act!
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The ANNADA POSHAN POTLI is an initiative to provide nutritious, energy-dense, fun and tasty meals for children at risk of malnutrition.
for a donation of just INR 1234/-
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Each Poshan potli provides 2 meals a day for a month and various fun and tasty energy-dense snacks that provide a child with almost 600 Kcals of energy/7 gms of proteins per day. This meets almost 50% of a child's daily RDA - Recommended Dietary Allowance.

Each Poshan potli includes
  1. A daily laddu fortified with minerals and vitamins &
  2. A hot cooked meal every day such as a millet Khichdi, soya khichdi or dal khichdi.
  3. A wide variety of fun and tasty, energy-dense snacks to increase the child's daily nutrition intake such as Millet cookies, Peanut chikkis, glucose biscuits, rajgira laddus, jaggery powder and many more, along with a nutrition booklet.
  4. A colouring book with crayons to bring some joy to the child
Program Implementation
Team ANNADA has identified thousands of such children at risk of malnutrition with the help of govt. Partners. They are spread out in small pockets across urban and most rural areas. The ANNADA Poshan potlis will be provided to these children at their homes.

Donor updates
ANNADA will provide all donors with regular program updates on email and via our social media channels.

End to End Food Safety
Food safety is at the core of all ANNADA's nutrition programs. Since its inception, ANNADA has served over 2.5 million meals in almost 1000 locations across 7 states of India with ZERO food safety incidents. Our food mixes are prepared in an FSSAI and: 22000: 2018 certification. All ingredients are sourced from FSSAI certified vendors who are subjected to our stringent QA/QC tests. Food materials are transported by FSSAI certified logistics partners who are empanelled only after our QA/QC validation.

All other outsourced snacks included in the ANNADA Poshan potli are also sourced from vendors/partners who have been subjected to our QA/QC checks.

Association for Nutrition And Development Action is a Planet Group section 8 Not for Profit organization that works to catalyse the SDG goal of ZERO Hunger by leveraging innovative food solutions, integrating communities, fostering collaborations, and engaging technology to deliver high-impact, sustainable and scalable health, and nutrition projects. Since its inception in 2016, ANNADA has served over 12.5 million meals, including 2.5 million Covid-19 relief meals.

Please do write to us at [email protected] for:
  1. Corporate CSR enquiries
  2. Collaborations to include your nutritious products in the ANNADA Poshan Potli
  3. Placement of special donor messages or your corporate logo on the ANNADA Poshan potli
  4. Social media collaborations
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