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by jaiveer
Created 11 Nov, 2022 | Mumbai, Maharashtra
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It is heartbreaking to note that almost 3,000 children lose their lives EVERY DAY due to Hunger & malnutrition-related causes in India.
About 30% of children under 5 suffer from nutritional Stunting, while 20% suffer from nutritional Wasting.
Malnutrition in children at such critical developmental ages can severely affect their health, cognitive development, and education and impact them adversely for life.

This needs to END NOW!
I have collaborated with ANNADA – a Not for Profit that has been working to address malnutrition in young children and their mothers within different communities across diverse & challenging regions.
They have supported over 1 lakh children, provided 14 mn+ meals across 1000+ villages, and significantly managed to curb malnutrition across their programs. (About ANNADA )
Let's help with an ANNADA 'Poshan Potli'.
ANNADA's POSHAN POTLI campaign is an initiative to nourish children who need help.
For a donation of Rs. 1234/-, each potli provides:
- 2 energy-dense & fortified meals/day for 1 month
- A variety of nutritious, fun & tasty snacks
- A booklet on nutrition, hygiene & Covid safety guidelines
- A colouring book & crayons

Team ANNADA has identified many children in urban & rural locations that need help, and they will be distributing these potlis to them.
Take a step - Nourish a child.
Donate now to my unique campaign page. Our goal is to provide this potlis to 10,000 children before the year ends. This is only possible with your help.
Donors will be provided with an 80G tax receipt.
ANNADA is an apolitical & religion-agnostic organization with all relevant compliances in place.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with;
Mr. Jaiveer Macker - 9167276514 from ANNADA.
Email ID - [email protected]
Mr. Satyen - 9167210710 from ANNADA.
Email ID - [email protected]

With warmth,
Jaiveer Macker
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